Jackson & Jenks Master Magicians Book Cover

My novel, “Jackson and Jenks, Master Magicians” is available here.
It’s about two teenage amateur magicians who become instantly famous after a supernatural event gives them real magical powers.

Here’s my LA Times “The Rules of Hollywood” article, and here’s how it looked in the paper, flattering portrait and all. And here’s my article from the paper’s Health section.

And from later, my LA Affairs article.

Here’s the website for a production of my comedic/dramatic play, “Sex, Faith, and Jason Wexler,” with reviews.

And congrats to Jonathan Coogan for his show, “I’ll Give You Something to Cry About!” which I co-wrote and directed. Here’s the LA Weekly Review. (You can hear plenty of Jonathan on the Music page.)

And stay tuned for my memoir, currently in the works…